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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Debunker Talk Live Chat June 12

Feel free to quote ANY poster from those silly SOZT...EOZT threads etc etc.
Or just post your thoughts/opinions.

Open Discussion on Zetatalk; Bunkers; and it/their inability, over the last Six years to provide ANY truthful Facts and Knowledge to support the absurd Failed predictions of the "Candy Wrapper Aliens".

Let's see how long the Three "bunker" Amigos can bounce off each other in their little padded room over there on Zetatalk Jive Turkey Chat!!

PS: If any of you debunkers want to meet in the GLP text/voice chat for some LIVE audio conversation we should set a day/time to meet up in one of the rooms to have a discussion etc.

:Loneranger: Would find it a pleasure to converse with some of you guys. I mean there's a wealth of different subjects to talk about besides this silly zetatalk stuff.
 Quoting: The Lone Ranger

Nancy (and her so called channeling of Zetas) has been lying to all of us for years now....everything she says is complete BS. I can't begin to count the plethora of failed predictions she has posted here...beginning with the Planet X flyby in 2003 giving coordinates of where to find it in the sky. And of course the faked photos...and the horseshit of being in contact with beings from another planet.

These beings supposedly feeding Nancy all sorts of info to help the people of earth. Problem is everything she has said on this forum has never manifested in any way shape or form.

anyone who believes this nonsense has not been here to witness the 6 years of lies
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