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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle The Lone Ranger
Post Content
I still don't see a post quoting her, or the zetas, that has been proved wrong. This threat subject LIES. I want to see some inaccuracies here people!!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 569410

Here's some more examples for you.....

Really? Then why is she consistently proven wrong? Why does she have to keep coming up with excuses to explain her mistakes and failed predictions?

For instance:

1) "Debunkers" were able to prove that her claims about the Earth being "halted in orbit" is false. Can you provide something that shows the Earth is "halted in orbit?"
2) "Debunkers" were able to prove that tilting the Earth back and forth or lowering it in the ecliptic would not make constellations visible that are hidden from by the sun. Can you provide something that shows it is possible?
3) "Debunkers" have proven that Adam Airlines flight 574 did not crash in some "inland lake" as she claimed. Can you provide evidence showing it did?
4) "Debunkers" have provided many photographs showing there is no "rogue planet" hanging out by the sun. Can you provide verifiable evidence showing there is?
5) "Debunkers" have proven that the moon is not moving unpredictably. Can you provide evidence to show that it is?
6) "Debunkers" have proven that the sun is not "too far north" or "too far south." Can you provide evidence that it is?
7) "Debunkers" have provided evidence showing that earthquakes are not on the increase. Can you provide evidence that they are?
 Quoting: Circuit Breaker
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