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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I still don't see a post quoting her, or the zetas, that has been proved wrong. This threat subject LIES. I want to see some inaccuracies here people!!!

Just about everything she said from 1995 to May 2003 was a lie as most of it related to her false prediction that PX would appear in 2003.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 548017

Here's just a taste:

"The Zetas have commented on Hale-Bopp since it first hit the press in mid-1995. They have stated that Hale-Bopp is a fraud, designed to get the populace looking in the wrong direction, not toward Orion." – Date unknown

"We know that the 12th Planet will make its passage in late spring or early summer of the year 2003 because we are observing the planet approaching your solar system." – Date unknown

"We have given the correct dates for the return of the 12th Planet as the year 2003 for the devastating first pass. All other dates are incorrect." – Date unknown

"Thus, you have Planet X in the news, under every subject but the inbound planet that will pass on May 15, 2003 or shortly thereafter." – June 2002

"Since the inception of ZetaTalk, the passage with rotation stoppage and pole shift has been described as occurring ´shortly after May 15, 2003.´" – Date unknown

"By May 15th, it will be utterly clear that earth changes are in process, most humans walking about in shock, numb. There will be no debate about a mistake. We have stated that the rotation will stop for approximately a week." – Date unknown

"Slowing rotation is so pronounced that even those not aware of the prediction are noticing their clocks minutes slow, on a regular basis, from ´official´ time." – March 22, 2003

"...nor will the war progress to the point where a regime change occurs." – Commenting on Iraq, March 22, 2003

"In short, they are not heeding the warnings of the Council, so stronger measures will shortly be taken. These measures will be, like the Columbia disaster, of a magnitude to stop the onslaught of the invasion as though the breath had been taken out of the body." – Commenting on Iraq, March 22, 2003

"We have stated that Planet X will be visible in the daytime sky, 7 weeks before passage. Given that we have stated that passage is shortly after May 15, 2003, as at this time those wanting to survive should be at their safe locations, this is putting the visibility into the last week of March at the earliest." – March 2003

"Since we were precise about the dates, even the number of hours for rotation stoppage (5.9 days) [on the Loud Gentile show], we have no problem with being precise on the meaning of the Pole Shift date as May 27." – May 16, 2003

"On this date, May 30, 2003 the Earth is poised to experience great quakes and stretching of rifts, so that discussions of the exact date of rotation stoppage or the shift will be replaced by frantic efforts to deal with one disaster after another." – May 30, 2003

"You have only weeks not months" – July 20, 2003

"We have stated that Planet X would travel the span of Saturn’s orbit in 3 short months. In that Planet X has been visible to the naked eye since the very last days in March..." – August 28, 2003

"But at the current time, by late August, there is no question that the Planet X complex has arrived between the Earth and Sun..." – August 28, 2003

"Despite loud evidence that Planet X has arrived..." – September 21, 2003

"Given the increasingly obvious fact that Planet X is in the vicinity and not going away before trashing the neighborhood..." – October 11, 2003

"Those not willing or able to make changes in their lives before the Holidays may find the Holidays possible, but just barely, as the next sweeping arm of the Sun will put all doubt aside." – November 15, 2003

"The last arm swept by Earth around Dec 25, the next expected by the anxious humans watching the drama to start around Feb 9, 2004." – January 30, 2004

"The Earth´s dark twin, approaching from behind her, has scant months to reach her and create a crisis. Earth stopping on Dec 25 allows for a full half orbit by this twin by June 25, 2004, but the crisis will occur sooner and for many reasons. This twin cannot go to the left, where Venus lies, nor the right, where Mars rides, and cannot move forward. The effect of such a traffic jam is not within man’s knowledge bank." – April 2004

"Certain death on the International Space Station lies ahead for any who would remain there during the coming weeks." – December 10, 2004

"If fireballs have been an occasional entertainment, they will soon become a daily affair almost everywhere" – February 4, 2005

"The Earth is now coming into a similar period, when the N Pole of Planet X is swinging, slowing, around to point away from the Sun for the 3 days of darkness time those in the northern hemisphere of Earth will inevitably experience." – November 17, 2005
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