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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle The Lone Ranger
Post Content
Debunkers, under the guise of presenting truth seem to really fear Nancy, given all the time and energy they spend on her and her ideas be they flawed or nay. Is it the message, or her perceived insanity they fear? A logical person knows if a person is a crackpot and posting on the internet, you ignore them and they go away. When you fight, piss and moan, all you do is give them more credence in the eyes of those who believe and in the eyes of many on the fence.

This same person would then turn around say that "debunkers" were afraid of Nancy because they weren't posting on her threads.
 Quoting: Circuit Breaker

The overriding theme from zetatalk has ALWAYS been its inability to DELIVER the goods.

For all the claims; predictions; illogical nonsense; and inconsistencies over many years only the "mentally" blind would give Nancy any credence.

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