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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle The Lone Ranger
Post Content
She is wrong all the time.
 Quoting: KeepingItReal

And consistently for so many years now.

She was also very wrong about Obama. She claimed last year that Obama would not get the nomination. When he did, she back pedaled and made up some lame excuse about human decision, bla bla, and then proclaimed Obama a starchild that is here to prepare us for the pole shift and punish Bush and Cheney. Of course that isn't happening either, so she spins.
 Quoting: KeepingItReal

Once again with Nancy's Obama prediction statements she reveals the fact that it is indeed Nancy just "putting stuff out there". I think a big part of the use of her ETs is to have an excuse to hide behind when she is always wrong. And you are so correct when you say that she back pedals and begins making all kinds of excuses or other bizarre claims instead of confessing to being Wrong!!

No matter how hard she tries, she always picks the wrong outcome. When she proclaimed "No Pandemic", I thought oh shit! That means there will be one, because she has never gotten anything right before.
 Quoting: KeepingItReal

LOL!! So true.

Perhaps tomorrow I will explore some of Nancy's astronomical claims. She has coined phrases that will live on in woo woo land. It is always good for a laugh.
 Quoting: KeepingItReal

lol4me "woo woo land" is right.
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