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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle Prof_Rabbit
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Ahhh, I see a rewrite from Nancy...

As soon as rotation restarts, which will happen within a couple days after the pole shift. Of course, since the atmosphere has been in turmoil, it will take time for all to settle down, the air pools to equalize. And the change in climate may not be evident immediately in those areas where the soil and rock is very cold, taking time to heat. Those areas which will be in the new polar zones will find their air quickly cooling, however.

original material:

Re: ZetaTalk LIVE Chat April 4 Quote

Zetas spoke that after shift of poles the part of an atmosphere of the Earth will be torn off. Could the Zetas give some comments concerning an ozone cloud as it is in the top layers of an atmosphere and it will be probably mentioned. Whether the Earth will lose ozone protection or an ozone the layer will be kept, or it will be more thin?

The atmosphere reforms from the oceans. Man frets about his assumptions about the formation or disruption of the atmosphere, but scarcely understands the process. The atmosphere of the future will be healthy, and healthy for creatures living under it, in due time after the pole shift.
Quoting: Nancy Lieder

"The atmosphere reforms from the oceans"

As you can see from the previous quotations below and confirmed from Nancy's quote above no air breathing life will survive her "pole shift", from insects to Whales, everything needs the atmosphere, even the trees. Ergo, forget the shelter, the food etc. you are all dead!.

Except Nancy of course, who gets a "lift" from her zetas!

written Dec 21, 2002
During every passage, there are some debris which land on the surface of Earth, as the atmosphere is stripped away to a great extent and the tail of the passing comet contains much large debris. Boulders drop, thudding to Earth and crushing quickly anything beneath them.

written Nov 30, 2002
Drizzle occurs most certainly during the months following the shift, and thereafter depending upon location. The atmosphere is low, clouds low, as the atmosphere was stripped away during the shift and must rebuild.

written Oct 24, 2003
The effect is a massive swarming red dust cloud, with the bright corpus of Planet X seen in the center, in appearance as though attempting to engulf the Earth. This dust lands in significant amounts only when the atmosphere of Earth is stripped away so resistance is lessened, during the days of rotation stoppage when the flow of magnetic particles has put force behind these charged particles.
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