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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle The Lone Ranger
Post Content
Hi Nancy,
Why do the you/Zeta's seem to be so bothered by people "jumping on the planet x bandwagon?" I've noticed you've made quite a few comments in regards to this. I would think that a higher evolved species wouldn't be so petty.
Also, aren't you guys jumping on Zacharia Sitchin bandwagon? After all, he did propose in the 70's there was a large planet that flew by us every 3600 years or so, causing destruction on our planet. Also, the Kolbrin bible was released to the public 3 years before zetatalk appeared on the web.
Instead of being so small, why not be grateful that others want to get the message out as well. I think a truly service to other being wouldn't care if someone was taking their message.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 691345

Ms LIEDer is that Special human link to her ETs, so she wants everyone to accept and believe. The pettiness is ALL Nancy's plain and simple.
The problem for Nancy, especially post May 2003, is that she now has little to zero credibility in regards to claiming to speak on behalf of the ALWAYS WRONG zetas. She is ALWAYS right because in her delusional "world" she is the PROPHET OF TRUTH!! lol4me

Most of the material on her website is plagiarized material found elsewhere on the net and in other media. Even the concept of the "zetas" is not original.Nancy has put her own flavour and twist on certain things. Some of her zetatalk stuff is original but highly nonsensical in parts.
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