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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Poor bunkers. They don't know what to do but continue bitching
about us. Just looks at the last couple of pages. Nothing
but rants about debunkers.

A very good observation. They sure as hell don't have anything
to focus on like successful claims made by Zetatalk.
 Quoting: DrPostman

From the zetatalk thread....

Max: "OK, bunkers...let's discuss Nancy's latest accuracies."

Luser: "Yeah, that'd be great! Now that the lousy debunkers are gone!"

Andrew: "OK, who first?"

Silence......crickets.....more silence....

and more silence....

Max: "Zeta's right again!"
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