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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yup, those pesky zetas. They aren't allowed to interfere, so they hide the obvious signs that px is here by tilting the earth to simulate normalcy and plan to breed a hybrid race that will replace the human race, all to protect us from the evil powers that are trying to hide the truth from us about px and the pole shift. But they can't override a television network to transmit a message to us, that would be interfering in human matters. Only the very stupidest could overlook such blinding contradictions. The 7 of 10 was a fail, just like the infamous "Christmas Hammer" that was supposed to happen several years ago (still waiting).

As for Freestore and Andrew, I think Freestore got himself banned from GLP and Wankdrew just disappeared. I hope he figured out he was being played and is out doing things that lads his age should be doing instead of following a crazy doom merchant like an enamoured puppy dog.
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