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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle Truther
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Yes, I still remember the "Xmas Hammer", Menow. I guess they use this lame story every year around xmas. Of course it never happened but at least Gerard Zwaan - Zwaanster the dumbest monster - claimed to be hit by it in late 2010.

But he was the only one being hit by it and you can still see the effects. Zwaanster is a walking dead, Mr. Jackass in persona, a guy who admires Ahmadinedschad and Hugo Chavez.

I guess Gerard Zwaan would have also admired Adolf Hitler 70 years ago. He is that kind of stupid follower who understands nothing and swallows/ believes every bullshit as long as it serves his advantage.

In a certain way the system of censorship on the poleshit ning looks like a relict of the Nazi-times. They try to use the same strategy and combine it with some elements of other cults and sects as Scientology or Hare Krishna.

There are not many followers left but the whole scenario remembers me the tragedy of the Heaven`s Gate cult. The last fanatic followers of Nancy Lieder are close to such an overreaction. So the police and some other official authorities should have an eye on this freaky cult, because they will outrage soon and nobody knows the result. The more predictions fail - and Nancy Lieder`s predictions always failed - the bigger is the danger that they will commit a kind of mass suicide or try even terroristic attacks.
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