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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hey, Elemental -- that certainly made me laugh.

I think it's too late to get those made and sold before 2012 is over... after that, I think there's a decided lack of widely-reported Doom for a few years, at least.

Maybe for 2036?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74444

Hey 74444! how lovely to *hear* from you! I'm sure that something else will crop up; there is no lack of doompertunity here!
 Quoting: Elemental

Good to be *heard* and to watch your type on a screen as well.

You are not incorrect -- the attractiveness of different types of Doom scenarios continues to fascinate me. Why are we, seemingly as a species, attracted to these sorts of ideas and predictions? Is it cultural, or something deeper? Is it a survival mechanism -- a sort of prepared for he worst thing that makes us all think so irrationally about some potential, if very unlikely, disasters? How do we choose (or do we?) which scenarios we attract, and which we reject? And do we learn from past failures?

Anyhow, nice to see you typing. Look forward to more conversations.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74444

I have considered this since you posted. I believe that there are a multitude of answers ranging from dissatisfaction with the mundanity of life to a fear of our own mortality. Any doom will do providing that it changes the perception of life as it is. We have access to so much information without any real understanding. There are so many dots that one could draw a fully dressed Christmas tree when joining them; however I am unsure as to how understood each dot is. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing...leider (her name does not deserve the respect of a capital letter) has used this to her advantage; a little, provable fact combined with some cryptic, suggestive nonsense. This appears to be an inbuilt pattern to doomtards; choose a subject, throw in a respected scientific opinion then twist it into something entirely different. Scary. The earth, as we know it, will, inevitably change; eventually our sun will run out of hydrogen/helium and start to burn it's reserves of lithium7 and deuterium before dying. This is a fact. When it happens is another matter. We are travelling through an interstellar gas cloud however we have no real idea of the consequences. Personally, my daughter died a few years ago and so I search for impossible answers, something to justify the cruelty of loss but not doom. Something to occupy my thoughts probably and an interaction with others who know nothing of my loss and therefore offer an objective opinion. Too much merlot and I apologise for my ramblings! Much respect to you dear 74444, and to Hydra whose constant debunking has given me so much true knowledge!
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