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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle MoreAboutTunnelVision
Post Content
Well, I think Nancy actually believes what she says. Seems impossible, but it has seemed impossible that many people could believe what they do on this subject of PX.
 Quoting: Menow 18943200

I've wondered about that as well and I agree that she probably believes some of it. But I wouldn't think the whole Poleshift-PX thing, or the earth is stopped-BS etc.

I also imagined what Nancy's face would be like if PX would suddenly be visible for real.
 Quoting: MoreAboutTunnelVision

I've often wondered if she knows everything she says is bullshit but is afraid to admit it to her followers and herself.
 Quoting: Circuit Breaker

From my impression Nancy currently uses ZT mainly as a mean of affording her life and treats it as a "job".
I also think that she separates it "emotionally" from her personal life (In means of morale etc.).

What Im trying to relay is that I think she knows for some part what damage she's doing and where it leads (and maybe she would even want to stop it if she could) but she has made herself so dependent of her own creation that it would simply cut off her existence.

There were times during the Skype-conferences were Nancy just liked small talk in a cozy-mood, almost as if she'd just want to be accepted as a regular woman (even though it was herself who pushed her "status").

Someone could think she has a conflict with herself.. and currently takes the way of the least resistance: continuing with the fraud.

btw: I also think she's aware that ZT is dying out and hopes it wont backfire in any way. So Im rather confident that she'll slowly fade it out without creating too much turmoil. (But is that even possible after all, Nancy? )
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