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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle Truther
Post Content
I wonder why these poleshitters dont get tired of adoring odd lense flares. First of all everybody could see such an object with the naked eye, everywhere on this planet. Second - and how often do we have to repeat it again for this ning-tards - planets to not behave like a sun and they do not look like a sun. Only a sun looks like a sun.

Besides that the lenseflare in this clip has around five to ten times the size of Jupiter. If it was real and really a sun we all would be history now because the gravity of both objects would make them more or less explode. It is probably a so called internal lense reflection. If the guy moved his finger a little bit furhter up his fantasy-planet could dance on the finger. Even when he changes the conditions of the light the size of the lenseflare clearly changes (and the position too). Planets never dance around, only lense flares do that.

Apart from that the guy in the clip obviously used a kind of tool or filter in front of his lense. This is a guarantee for creating lense flares. The funny thing is that these people on the poleshit ning slowly develop religious feelings for their lenseflares and artifacts. Modern middle age for people who know nothing about astronomy or can`t handle the information load in the internet.

The best joke in the long row of Nancy`s incredible hoaxes is the newest "capture" of the dark twin (another fantasy which doesn`t exist). We can only see Jupiter on the picture (or perhaps even a photoshop fake).

What makes this even far more ridiculous is the fact that Nancy Lieder tries to use common astroprogrammes to verify her latest hoaxes. On the one hand she claims that earth halted in its orbit and on the other hand she uses astronomic programmes like skymap to check her results which are of course a proof that earth never halted in its orbit. But well, this hoax of Fancy Lieder was often debunked.

The really crazy thing is that she forgot her own preditions and is using average public astronomy programmes
to present her latest hoaxes to her last desperate and weird followers.


Nancy and her non-existing "Zetas" got completely lost in modern cyberspace. Nancy failure would be the right name for her ...
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