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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle MoreAboutTunnelVision
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I think that internet access has hastened the demise of sanity. 10 years ago few of us had access to the information so freely available today; information which is rarely understood and with little comparable data. This is, therefore, a breeding ground for woo-woo theories with small evidence apart from YouTube videos or Ning sites.
 Quoting: Elemental

I agree.
The effects and implications of the internet seem to be barely understood.
Just today I read about a study that indicated fundamental change in the way of thinking between "the digital generation" and previous generations.
The study concluded that, if someone would question either generations with a certain question on something specific, that those previous generations would use those parts of their brain where "facts" are stored whereas the "new generation" turned out to be using the creative-, analytic-areas and thought about the best place to look for an answer rather than memorizing it - which seems logically related to the increasing flow of information and our human limits.

Where this will lead?
Certainly an interesting topic to think about and I would suspect we will increasingly rely ourselves on technological means because the way of the system will demand it.
The internet is certainly having an immense impact in the general mindset whatsoever.

I always like to think of an example, where in the past to get to certain information you need to go to a certain place ( in most cases physically) while nowadys you can load it up all on your screen.

What could equal a discussion of GLP? - Some sort of a chaotic mass-discussion-club(pub) where the people come and go?

What could equal getting information from conflict zones (twitter)? - A travel to the fronlines of syria?

Nowadays someone can virtually enter in everyone's room from his comfortable home without getting physically in danger.. and thats where the point of psychological-dangers comes into play and the internet shows that we're currently undergoing a lesson to deal with a "free-flow-of-information" aka. the world-wide-web that it is.

The next stage?
Advanced-service-oriented Robots I would think... Scenarios as Terminator, AI,the society in Wall-E, or similar stories might not be too far from a possible future.

Although. Maybe we wont even manage to get there at all... Tank
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