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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
She claims it was allowed to happen by the Zetas/Council of Worlds to give the human race a pretaste. How crazy is this bullshit. Do the storms on earth have to ask for a permission?

 Quoting: Truther 26701635

Just like Hurricane Katrina, seven years ago, was supposed to be a taste of things to come when "Planet X" would cause a "pole shift" BEFORE 2012.

I've decided that a great number of the "supporters" she has on the ning are either 1) sock puppets/alter egos or 2) people who are just playing with her and feeding her delusion.
 Quoting: Circuit Breaker

Agreed. I think the rate would be somewhat 99 / 1 .

I think the following describes it pretty acurate:

"At one end of the continuum lies a soundly asleep citizen, confident in the idea that there is no need to worry about anything, that things are unfolding “normally” in the world as a whole, and that alarming hypotheses, regardless of whether they pertain to fears of war, ecological or monetary disasters, are nothing but rumors about which one should not fret.

At the other end of the continuum is a citizen who ingests every single alarming bit of information as forecasting disaster, in whatever domain, and who shelters himself in a self-constructed personal bunker."

[link to www.jp-petit.org]

(off-topic: JP-Petit offered some very interesting work in the MHD(MagnetoHydroDynamics)-field to eliminate "shockwaves", furthermore allow HyperSonic flight..
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
[link to www.jp-petit2.org] )

Back the ZT-victims.
I think everyone who landed there is more aware about the situation on earth than the common couch potatoes who're being indoctrinated daily. However the result with many of these "truth-seekers" is that they totally overmeet their goals and end up in illusions that best fit to their beliefs.
At some point someone becomes over-alerted about hidden agendas, disasters, conspiracies and the REAL situation on earth - that it is somewhat human that some stick their head in the sand and by clinging to the most comfortable version they found.

Regarding those who're left.. they truely are the "hardcore-believers". It can be assumed that most of them have heavily structured their lifes around the particular belief. Accordingly, they're not ready for a hard awakening yet... or at least they're subconsciously avoiding it.
Understandable... Everyone to its own time.

I often thought the same, Circuit.

She has definitely some sock puppets or alter egos running in her mind game to convince other newcomers who are not informed about her sect/ cult.

Her page doesn`t have any real informations, only wrong ones, and who should believe this nonsense if there were not some alter egos confirming that soup of shit?
 Quoting: Truther 26785456

Yes it is saddening that critique is not allowed in any manner which make it impossible to have transparency and giving the newbies a chance for other points of view.
Its an insta-trip into a dictatorial sect with "nifty" youtube videos, interactive maps and the daily updated FearHype-ning.

Did anybody notice that Astrogirl50 suddenly disappeared after we talked about her here? She has another nick now and probably she is either Nancy herself or Gerard the "dumbster" Zwaan. He is a really poor and weird guy whose biggest idol seems to be Ahmadinejad from Iran. This whole page is incredible. And I can not imagine that this Flareberto is real. He probably was born in a smartphone with some lenseshift.
 Quoting: Truther 26785456

Yep, gal has become silent and is now active under the alias "Ann S.".... [link to poleshift.ning.com]
Still being super-confident about the Great Cover-Up and Planet X... violin

But there were even some good guys in this spider net, like COS, who is going after her now. Even the German Zetatalk page had to be closed, but the former owner Niels Neumann is left outside now alone as a poor victim, both mentally and physically. His former sect brothers and sisters are ignoring him now as he is not interesting anymore for crazy Nancy and her bunch of poleshit. Who led the dogs out?

Oops, they have been eaten by crazy Nancy and her last weird followers!
 Quoting: Truther 26785456

High-five mate!
To be honest, im glad that I was there... because it seemed I could fill a niché for that time aswell. :) Who knows who'll write the next expose? They occured since the beginning of ZT.... and yet most of it is lost in the jungle of information so it will occur again.. and then the true "separation" of the individuals occurs. Poleshift-time! For me it was a 180° turn!

lol. Cheers.
 Quoting: More about Tunnel-Vision 26807788

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