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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle MoreAboutTunnelVision
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PS: The people I knew who built the retreat in the national forest to save them from "Planet X" were highly educated and intelligent- still they bought into it. I think that may have been where I first heard about Nancy and the "Zetas". Interestingly, those people I knew were also doing a sort of "channeling" activity, and whatever they were communicating with was backing up the basic PX story. I have said, many times, that I believe Nancy is "channeling", whatever that might be, technically. I know most people think that sort of thing is always faked, but I have known too many people, up close and personal, who have been involved in doing that sort of thing and I know they were not intentionally "faking" it. I can't say I understand what is really going on, but I do believe Nancy is getting input from whatever "Zetas" is.
 Quoting: Menow 1394150

That is interesting. I would agree about the claim that also "highly educated people" aren't excempt from falling for Nancy's BS...

In fact I made the same observation among the Moderators:
Some are very smart but when it comes to ZetaTalk they avoid any conflicts with logic.

I don't know how to describe it but I noticed that believers often slowly start to wildly connect sensations.

For example:
They deal the whole day with PX/PS-related topics which leads them to dream about it - (logically because their brain deals with it).

After they dreamed something PS-related they start assuming that their dreams must have had a particular reason, a purpose or even visionary-aspects because it seemingly fits to their conscious belief.

Another Example:
Someone feels rather uneasy, having headaches etc...
Now, since having headaches or "simply having a bad day" is not considered realistic, they assume it must be the Magnetosphere or some other hidden influence.

Another Example:
Someone had a weird sensation, or just a "bare hunch" about something...
It is assumed that this hunch has a particular reason that usally stays in accordance with their belief. Like:
"Feeling uneasy?" - "Something big must be pending"...

Im sure there is a psychological "term" to describe this behaviour... however it shows how far these people draw relations between stuff that really isn't connected at all.

Regarding Channeling, in my mind this "channeling" could be described by the same mechanisms. I.e. someone deals so much with the desire (channeling) that the unconscious-mind starts to adapt and manifest the desired way.

That said,
I'd be interested to hear how these "channeled information" appeared to you and wether they contained anything factual or something that hinted they aren't just made-up-information by their minds.?


Even earthchanges ning - a not very popular page - has more members now than crazy Nancy`s poleshit/lenseshift ning.
 Quoting: Truther 27192679

Is this Lothar speaking? If so, this is just sour grapes you were suspended from earthchanges ning for cause. Why, it was a good site in your eyes, until you were suspended. You said so yourself on your website, remember?

In fact, the blog that outlined why you were ousted could be reposted so everyone could be reminded of the truth. You're still a Nancyphile, aren't you? You're still using her tactics and talking just like her, trying to influence opinion. The few who do that have agendas. Nobody else cares.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21075357

First, Welcome! :)
Second, Why do you think Lothar is a Nancyphile?
I really dont see any rational reason to assume this... in fact the way his site currently looks, his character and the way he talked about her indicated he's rather "Nancyphob"?
I mean, it looks he's looking for his answers elsewhere but I dont see him supporting Nancy anywhere... (except some info's about the PX-theory)..

Just my opinion.
Anway, glad to have you here.

I wonder if the 2012 doomsayers are getting worried yet. After all, we're only a month away from December 21 and there's no sign of apocalypse. If doom were coming in the form of some galactic alignment or passing through the center of some spacial anomaly as some have predicted, then we would be feeling the affects of that already.
 Quoting: Circuit Breaker

I wonder about that aswell and I think Yes - they are getting (increasingly) worried, impatient.

If applied to the PS-Ning I would think that on the surface people may present calmness but as a former moderator I know that things are not always what they seem over there.
Behind the curtain (lets say unconsciously) they are sick of Nancy's excuses already and Im sure it will slowly become more apparent on the surface.

I think people will increasingly demand timelines or anything that will give them the comfort to believe that the changes are actually happening.
Since we're hardly noticing any doom-and-gloom I think the conflict between their irrationable mind and their unconsciousness will increase.

Hopefully, they'll listen to their "hearts".
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