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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle Truther
Post Content
Well making excuses seens to be one of crazy Nancy Lieder`s favourite hobbies. But why do her retarded followers always swallow these very lame excuses which only prove that all her predictions are 100 % wrong.

Big cataclysms 2000: deadly wrong.
Nibiru showing up in 2003: deadly wrong.
Now it is only a matter of weeks not months: after her incredible 2003 hoax.
Jakarta and half south east Asia are sunk: deadly wrong.
The poleshift will happen far before 2012: another disaster.
Obama will announce Nibiru in September 2012: incredible ridiculous and of course deadly wrong.

And these are only some highlights in a long list of 1001 failed predictions. Some other freaky Gurus like Harold Camping only got two shots in the dark aka two incredible failures. There simply are no Zetas and it is all a fake-story of crazy Nancy and her last desperate Mods.

There simply is no Nobiru and it never existed (apart from an idea far out in our solar system/ called Tyche).

Inventing lenseflares and showing each other camera artifacts can`t compensate the reality. If you only look at the different lenseflares on the pics of Flarestupido aka BurningBerto aka CaptainNobrainaround you will easily see that these pics show nothing and are completely different. If there were such big object close to the sun in Italy every idiot here with a low budget telescope or a good eye could see them. Nobody would need a smartphone with a cheap cam producing flares.

And holding the storage medium of old floppy-discs in front of the lense of the smart phone, like they all do: how stupid and infantile can grown-up people act? Even a child in the kindergarten could understand this mechanism of producing odd lenseflares.
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