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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle MoreAboutTunnelVision
Post Content
Poor Shuan - I fear he's in for a big disappointment.

"@ Corey I could see that being true. The Christmas Hammer will occur the week following and likely result in some big plate movements which the public could connect to the announcement. I too feel that December will have many surprises in store."

[link to poleshift.ning.com]
 Quoting: Circuit Breaker

"The greatest threat to Earth in 2012, at the end of this year and in the future, is just from the human race itself," Adams said.


I must admit to being confused about the whole *7/10* thing....I mean when did 1-6 take place and in what time scale is 8-10 meant to happen....? This is obviously a rhetorical question as it's completely unanswerable.....! Just another Niberancy madness!
 Quoting: Elemental

The 7/10 was supposed to have completed already long ago.
It included strong quakes in SA, Japan and a spreading of the street of gibraltar, aswell the New Madrid adjustment (supposedly Mag9 quakes) followed by a "European Tsunami" washing over half of europe.
Much drama and destruction but fortunately Nancy declared it wont happen anymore because "benign Aliens" placed invisible, unmeasurable Metalboxes into the oceans that prevent the plates from doing these manuvers.

It seems Nancy hasn't managed to fill that niche as yet and keeps feeding the believers with quick "highlights"... as the infamous Announcement, or flareberto's images...
But nothing at the scale of the 7/10 predictions, I guess because it didn't turned out to be credible enough.
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