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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle Hydra
Post Content
It is incredible ridiculous that Nancy and her last desperate followers are still waiting for a kind of announcement of the NASA or some other official institutions. The NASA has just proudly announced that the whole "Nobiru-Shit" was an incredible hoax for some retarded persons who believed in this.

Now they have their announcement and they seem not very happy with it. The truth sometimes is a bitter pill to swallow, especially for our retarded Nancy-followers.
 Quoting: Truther 28792506

Yes, Poleshit-Nancy is not happy with the NASA announcement:

Comment by Nancy Lieder 3 hours ago
"... On 11/28 NASA had an 'event' where they debunked all manner of excuses for the Earth changes and potential 12/21/2012 cataclysms - Glactic Center, asteroid hits, solar flares (Ed Dames "kill shot") which they themselves hyped in 2009-2010, planetary lineup as happened on 5/5/2000 and was claimed at that time about to cause a pole shift or cataclysmic happening. Went through the list. And oh, Nibiru is not real, don't believe Nancy Lieder (once again I am the only name mentioned).

Senior guy David Morison said if Nibiru were real, it would be visible to all, very bright. Well??? I posted on the even log to go check the poleshift.ning.com"

[link to poleshift.ning.com]

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