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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle VeritasN1
Post Content
I can tell you what he means, jackass:

1) Zetas only exist in Nancy`s head
2) All of Nancy`s predictions always failed
3) All of Nancy`s predictions will always fail

You seem to have a problem with reading Nancy-troll.

The guys here showed you that all of Nancy`s science is plagiarism. She copied it from some sources from the early 80s. And you really wonder why we should read this crapola?

Every scientific knowledge is translated into English. Otherwise you can not really participate in a scientific discussion. That is easy to understand.

By the way Elemental`s question is probably more important than reading some old hoax-stories of crazy Nancy. Nancrapola invented them back in 1995. Do you remember the scary story of Hale-Bopp. Why do you not answer to the pictures of the webcam in Indonesia?

Is there too much cultbabble in your head? Why can you not answer easy questions?

Besides that I want to know who you are, jackass. You have a German ISP. There are only around three cult zealots left in Germany. Poleshit-Poli, Katche (hat einen an der Klatsche) or perhaps Niels N. But Niels left the cult as a broken man. He has got no thank you and nothing for following and serving the cult for more than 15 years. Nobody needs a pink panther here who is babbling cult-shit.

Or do you really think that the people are interested here in Nancy`s weird cult babble? As I have mentioned it above: you visited the wrong doctor. Go to a cult therapist.
 Quoting: VeritasN1

Nothing more to say. But I`m not sure why this idiot has free access to a computer in his clinic.

Your Nibiru exists only in your head. Every astronomer - both professionals and amateurs can tell you this - so why do you bother here?

Why do you not make a little vacation to Indonesia with the other victims of the cult? You could so easily find out the truth there. Why do you hesitate and spam some threads here?

Are you afraid of the truth? You could go there altogether: Ann S., Gerard Zwaan, Nancy Liar, Poleshit-Poli, Katche and so on ...

When you come back from your vacation you can spam here again. Or show us all these big cities under water? We would never write a word again.

But we all know that you receive your weird informations from your cult page. Why are you so afraid to have an encounter with reality? Nancy predicted that for you, so you should believe it?

pennywiseRight or wrong?
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