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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle aussie 763624
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I just found the perfect summary for you and many more who are reading this forum regularly -> [link to www.zetatalk.com] and an Excerpt for your specific question.

[link to www.zetatalk.com]
 Quoting: Panta Rhei

Actually we are all too aware of nancy lie...s zetababble- and of her attempts to cover up her mistakes- unfortunately that particular show was recorded and despite her attempts to cover it up- that summary is the lie and shows how desperate she is to hide the truth

(I often have the vision of nancy actually meeting the truth- As it hits her she goes into classical vampire/holy water mode- `the truth, the truth- OH IT BURNS' as she disappears in a smoking flare of fire)

I'll google around to find the actual recording of that particular show and post its link- and its `nothing' like her `summary' (surprise surprise)

I've listened to it several times in the past and its not surprising she wants to cover it up- even the shows host was rather shocked by what she said (and the audience reaction wasn't exactly a raving review in nancy's favour either)

If this is the quality of your defence- I'm rather disappointed as its stuff that was debunked quite literally years ago and the fact that's its so easily debunked doesn't bode well for any future postings- you obviously haven't even bothered to check even the most basic facts re miss lieders babblings which suggests to me that you are in fact a `true believer' which means that anything that goes against your cult beliefs will be brushed off without even the smallest thought crossing your mind.

I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt it
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