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Message Subject For those unemployed/who asked: Ideas to supplement your income or start your own business.
Poster Handle swamiji
Post Content
I complement anyone who has the drive to do there own business. I apparently lack in the drive department.

Recently I had an idea to start a specialized meal service. I wanted to specialize in the G.I. diet menu for people who are too busy to make there own food, or if it's too difficult for them to cook the G.I. way when first starting out on it. I thought of making a menu in advance, online and by phone orders. People can select what they want from 2 choices of a lunch meal per day. customer Pre-pays and they pick it up or cut a deal with a local delivery service to deliver it. This way a person can pick up a couple meals and refrigerate one for there evening meal, or pick up a few meals for the next day as well. All menus are closed a day in advance so there's no excess food made and funds are ready for purchase before the cooking day. Foods are fresh but some could be stored in the freezer for alternative sales. The business would be finished around 3p.m, with the last lunch meal pick up at 2 p.m. It's pre-paid so if there isn't a pickup on a meal it can get frozen and customer loses that meal, the service gets a meal to re-sale. If someone makes a non-scheduled order they could pick something out of the freezer, which could be stocked with random foods left over from previous menus.

Problem is, there are some retail kitchen rules in my country. It needs a special kitchen certification. As mentioned I lack the drive to research it enough.

I do think there's an opportunity for people who want fresh meals in G.I. menus, or other healthy food menus like the Zone or macrobiotics etc,.
Look how well the crappy toxic food of Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem sell.

English speaking countries have the highest amount of morbid obesity I've seen on the planet (maybe with a few exceptions). No one can tell me there isn't a need for a healthy food menu alternative that is easy to get and fresh, quality food.

It's a suggestion for anyone who wants the idea.
It would work especially well if you know someone who has an industrial kitchen, even more ideal if it's a bar that opens up for the supper service only, and cut a deal to use there workspace during the morning. If you started cooking around 7 a.m. and you shut down around 3 p.m. it's an 8 hr shift.
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