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Message Subject Separated and in Love with Twin Flame
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I see my twin flame breifly at times during the week. We rarely even talk to each other anymore. So much karma to work out. It's an experience unmatched in a lifetime for sure and it's not anything like your typical romantic love encounter. The intensity is beyond your wildest dreams.

I'm 25 years older than her for one thing. She's married and has a young child. She was ready to throw her marriage away as she was expressing how unhappy she was. I know she wanted me to say do it and we can be together but I just couldn't. Not for these reasons anyway. If she wanted out of the marriage it had to be for herself and not me.

She's still married, seems to be doing better and though we act like strangers around each other now we are anything but strangers. It's strange and sounds cliche but meeting your twin is like meeting someone you have known all your life and their nature reflects yours perfectly.

I never believed in it or even cared to know until it happened to me.
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