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Message Subject Separated and in Love with Twin Flame
Poster Handle Angel Helper
Post Content
I have something to say to you both, GROW UP AND QUIT PUTTING YOURSELVES FIRST!! Those poor children in both of your lives are going to NEVER be the children they were meant to be because neighter of you could help your mates enough to be strong when they were weak. Look, it seems like all you want is a whirlwind romance. You both are wrecking your lives and those of innocent children who will forever try to figure out why their parents did not love THEM enough to work through marriage with their own parents when ALL MARRAGES HAVE TO BE WORKED THROUGH. THE HONEYMOON DOES NOT LAST VERY LONG AND YOU ARE RIGHT WHERE YOU WERE IN THE BEGINNING, only with OTHER people and with children whom you will never have the privledge to grow in a parent/child relationship with the total family life because of childish expectations. LOOK, YOU PLAYED WITH FIRE, NOW YOU MUST BE RESPONSIBILE ENOUGH TO DO THE RIGHT THING FOR YOUR CHILDREN WHO WILL BE MARRED FOR LIFE. IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT YOU "GO WAY TO FAST" IN RELATIONSHIPS AND THEREFORE THE FIRE BURNS OUT FASTER THAN NORMAL. GET IT STRAIT AND DO THE RIGHT THING. IT IS A FACT THAT CHILDREN WHO DO NOT "LIVE" WITH YOUR CHILDREN HAVE CHILDREN WHO ARE SUICIDAL, DEPRESSED AND FAR MUCH WORSE THAN CHILDREN WHO GROW UP IN A HOME WITH "BOTH" PARENTS. FACT. GET OVER YOUR SELF.
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