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Message Subject Black Op's took a Blood Sample from me - WTF?
Poster Handle UP
Post Content
Hey, Mikey, that's SUCH a believable story.

You live an amazing life.

I am in awe.

You are sooo special.

(end sarcasm)

You know what? From what I hear you are actually quite talented at music. So the fact that you:
- make up idiotic stories like this
- promote lame dvd's, the History Channel (with which you have admitted you are afiliated), David Sereda and other snake oilers
- pretend you have ufo encounters
- pretend you are channeling aliens (who either have a wicked sense of humour, or have the identical lack of knowledge (both astronomy and general) as you..)
- speak in the smarmy tone of a 'prophet'
all make it quite a shame that your 'talents' (if they do actually exist - wouldn't surprise me if you cheated there also) are completely wasted.

I guess developing those talents was too hard, soo much easier to find the lowest and most gullible (where else but GLP?) and try to take advantage of them. Easy money.

If it was me, I'd be ashamed.

But thankfully, it isn't me. I just sit here watching the charade. It's nice to see that most are now onto you.

Do carry on.
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