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Message Subject Psychic told me Obama will slighty beat Mitt Romney in 2012
Poster Handle Grumpy Scribe
Post Content
Obama is our last pres so won't happen.
 Quoting: Sara-Ka-El

He's our last President because he will cancel all future elections. Get used to it.

The media nominated the two sleeper Manchurian candidates THEY wanted NOT the candidates each party's regulars wanted.

If the nominees were Hillary and Romney like they should have been without gross media interference and Move on money and ACORN fraud it may have been different.

If Hillary had picked Obama and Romney had picked Palin it would have been the most fascinating election ever.

Romney and Palin would have won. Hillary was terrified of Romney and put fellow Razorback Huckleberry in the race to do one thing: beat Romney in Iowa! Then she worked all her fraud and ballot stuffers for McCain in NH.

If the election is close in 2012 it will be stolen by millions of illegal votes. Just like they stole New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Washington state for Kerry in 2004. 2004 was an electoral college blowout that would have destroyed the Democratic party for 50 years! They could not allow it.

One more point on 2004. That election was just exactly like the jockeying for "the final Numbers" in Illinois between the Daley machine and the downstate Republicans in 1960.

But instead of six hours to top the number the Dems had four years. They knew the peak of the GOP pull in the above key states and in Florida and Ohio. 2004 was the highwater mark for the GOP.

Dems knew the number and if ya know the number you can always top it. Ask Daley Senior, LBJ and RFK
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