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Message Subject Psychic told me Obama will slighty beat Mitt Romney in 2012
Poster Handle Je colon
Post Content
The person who told you that was a New Yorker and all New Yorker are demon-crats. Did you ever wonder why the word demon0cracy and demon-crat are so close to the word demons? Our country is a republic- the people who believe in G-d are republicans- the black americans were freed by republicans (if you didn't know that) Martin Luther King was a republican( if you didn't know that). And, occurring to the people that can see the future in my end, we will see an enoromous out pour of patriots at the polls in 2012. Just like the House of Representive being replaced, the Presidency will be replaced to, even after the in question capture of Bin Laden. Why? Because the american people are sick of their children being radical educated, they are sick of homosexuality being taught in the schools, they are sick of openness of sexual behaviors being taught to their children, they are sick of gay marriages, they are sick of the lustful and the demons that have taken over our country. And, to make sure your 80 year's prediction will not come true, the person selected to run against Obama will not be Romney, remember that. I will give you a hint- it will be a man that "nobody" thought would run against him, and this man will pick "a VP that will pick up the hispanic votes. And this woman who you is a psychic must have forgotten that it is 2011 not 2010. And to add to the prediction of ours, 12 indictments and 2 of them will be whistleblowers.
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