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Message Subject Psychic told me Obama will slighty beat Mitt Romney in 2012
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well she was just totally wrong wasnt she! I used to go to psychics a long time ago. I got really sick of all the readings and being told that all these wonderful great things that would happen to me and none of them ever did. I finally thought ok, let me go to a really good famous psychic and just see what she has to say. So me being the stupid fool I was I called Sylvia Brown (from Montel Williams show) and yes I spent the $500 to see her. Everything she told me never came true, none of it and she was so far off base about all of my life. It felt like she was reading from a script about someone elses life. After that I just gave up psychics all together. I do still believe there are people out there that have a gift, but I also believe that there are more people that want to make money and they con others.

I have to say though that I dont think Romney will get the nomimation, I think the Repub party wants to put someone up there that is sure to massacre Obama and take back the white house. At this point I think anyone of them could do it because Obama is so weak and he totally failed this country with his socialist policies. People just dont wanna pay the way for other people that dont want to get out and work and I know I sure dont want to. I think the Obama presidency is over now. It didnt work, time to move on. Im sure Dubya sure is thanking Obama at this time for not letting him be the worst president we have ever had, that goes to Obama.
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