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Message Subject Psychic told me Obama will slighty beat Mitt Romney in 2012
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I am psychic and let me remind you that nothing is ever set in stone, we have free will to change things. So with that being said let me tell you the two possible outcomes. Obama will get relected if the GOP doesnt back Ron Paul. Like him or not he's the only one running thats honest with intergity that can be trusted. Romney with be another warmongering puppet to the New World Order, just like Obama. If Romney gets the nomination Ron Pauls supporters will not vote for him and he might even run third party which will give it to Obama, consider it karma for not being awake and aware. Ron Paul can beat Obama and get this country back on track and make it great again. Oh and keep in mind who owns all the mainstream news media and what their agenda is. World Government with all the power in the hands of the ruling elite.
 Quoting: Heather 4926609

You cannot be a real psychic because if you were, you would KNOW the GOP is evil, including YOUR ron paul. DO you even know his beliefs and dangerous policies? He promotes the old "survival of the fittest". Indiana was just hit with tornadoes, and he said they should receive NO help. He wants to dimantle government and throw everyone in poverty and that is sick to the curb. And you support this senile old man, the one that did not support the civil rights movement, the one that thinks if you cannot afford health insurance you should die. It has been MY understanding most psychics walk with god? Most GOP supporters are far FAR away from god. You are NOT a real psychic, shame on you
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