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Message Subject Psychic told me Obama will slighty beat Mitt Romney in 2012
Poster Handle Lily baby
Post Content
I was in NYC over the weekend and I went to a very famous psychic there who is incredibly accurate in predictions. I asked her about the presidential election of 2012 and she told me that Obama will beat Mitt Romney in a very close election. She told me it will come down to 3 states and it will be as close as the 2000 election. She also told me that the economy will continue to be stagnant until 2010 when things pick up drmatically.

i believe this woman because she has been accurate in every election except 2000 since 1964. She is over 80 years old and has an incredible insight into things I can not even get into. She told me things about me and my family that only we know. Also she is very famous to the stars of both the Hollywood and Politcal world. So I think she is very psychic indeed.
 Quoting: DR PEPEPRS 622548

So far, she is right on! And she was saying this 3 years ago.
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