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Message Subject BREAKING NEWS MASSIVE mulsim brotherhood members invited to obamas Cairo speech!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Boycott this dirty and corrupt media that bans the eligibility issue
June 16th, 2009
Media running scared of eligibility issue

Three of the largest media companies in the United States have all banned the simple billboard message below:

Last week, Clear Channel Outdoor, which calls itself the world’s largest outdoor advertising company, joined CBS Outdoor and Lamar Outdoor in rejecting four simple words asking the question, “Where’s The Birth Certificate?”

Joseph Farah, WND’s chief executive officer and editor, wants you to know why this is great news!

“It means the billboard campaign is hugely successful, even in its infancy,” he says. “The Big Media are running scared. They’re playing duck and cover. They are capitulating to the White House, just as we all assumed they would.”

Even a handful of billboards erected around the country have transformed the debate, he says. Talk shows are now discussing Obama’s eligibility, whereas, even a few weeks ago, they were avoiding the issue. News stories are being written about the campaign. People are buzzing about it.

“This is exactly what I predicted and expected,” said Farah. “I just didn’t realize how quickly and uniformly the Big Media would cave. But this is all good news. We have an opportunity to greatly expand this campaign – to go over the heads of the Big Media and make this the most important political campaign of our time.”
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