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Message Subject Gannongate threatens to expose a huge GOP pedophile and male prostitution ring
Poster Handle Anonymer Held
Post Content
Thanks for the post.

Yes, the Christian Right is strangely silent about this issue. Where are there letter-writing campaigns to the Oval Office asking why a perv was given a Daily Pass? Why arenīt the hellfire and brimstone preachers condemning Gannon/Gucker? Because Gucker passed them some ammunition for the tune of $2,000 a weekend in the middle of the night in some sleazy hotel room? Did he say things like, "Hey, Falwell, bend over fat boy!" or "Robertson, my little mushy Pillsbury doughb oy! Iīve watched you for years getting hard listening to your sermons! Now itīs time to pay you back! But first, you do have the $2,000 right?"

Christian hypocrites? Where art thou? Hiding behind your perv in the White House? How does it feel to be fooled by a complete fool, oh pious ones? I mean there you were all preaching against homosexuals and it seems you voted one into office! How does it feel to have sold our your neighbors and the most vulnerable society to be picked over and violated by this merciless regime?

RE: "Folks, this is THE issue that can CRUCIFY the Bushite madmen.Get ahold of your local editors and stick these stories up their you know whats until this issue makes the mainstream.

From your lips to Godīs ears on this one. Iīll do just this. What with ABC running really important stories like the one on Michael Jackson last night. Letīs see they have a male escort using a pseudonym getting into the White House with possible connections to Rove while the US continues to kill innocent civilians in Iraq based on lies told by the Chimp and his regime and now the Nazis are threatening to spread their war campaign into Iran and North Korea and, oh, of course China(!) by forcing 70-year-old retired folks into active service by threatening them with 33 years of additional time which will make them 103 when they finish their tour of duty! Oh, and theyīre also trying to get into the Social Security lockbox! But, of course, focus on Michael Jackson! We is shtuoopid sheoppul! Hard two consentrait 4 2 long!

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