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Message Subject The Two Obama's. at least
Poster Handle Candace
Post Content
Starfleet clones are running the govt.

Fuck. How am I gonna play the dead pool now?
 Quoting: Kenticus

Cut the crap, this is a serious thread, and the cloning labs that used to exist were NEVER run by star fleet. These are the ones here not only for the 2nd coming, but also to keep man from completely destroying himself and our planet, and potentially the solar system.

If they had NOT come in 1953 to stabilize the axis, which was wanting to move 18 degrees, (that is axis change, not tilt change, we would have had a new physical north and south pole, YOU would not be here to post right now.

And if they did not cut short the days, the coming wars and diseases would destroy man and most animals down to the very last one, even if the use of nuclear war heads CONTINUES to be prevented.

The cloning labs were run by MAN on this planet, Star fleet shut them down in 2005. Starfleet has NEVER run this government or any government on earth in any way, shape, or form. These are Christed Beings at the helm. We are low grade prison world.
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