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Message Subject The Two Obama's. at least
Poster Handle Mysterysoul
Post Content
so your saying that because He looks different in various video's he is a "clone".. and Star fleet is gonna save us?.

Now is star fleet going to save us before or after they drop the earths magnetosphere and put us in stasis, or after they tow Jupiter which ignited back out to it's proper place and thus move your "starship jupiter" off to do other things?

doing a voice analysis, even a cursory, amateur one could be achieved Candace, give that a shot. and look into different make-up artists, usually before they make some televised appearance they will compensate for lighting and various other things. I am not sure if he has his own or what but different make-up can make you look completely different depending on the light sources. But thats just too mundane of an answer or possibility for you.
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