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Message Subject The Two Obama's. at least
Poster Handle Candace
Post Content
I do not have the software or other tools for voice analyses. I do know what I observe. What I intended to post yesterday, was to ask those here on GLP that do have ability to study this via software step forward and take an interest and post the results here.

These are two different people. Interesting the video on Osama/obama ears, which I didn't watch, would take an hour to download.

But I am asking for serious folks to take a serious journey and help this out in your spare time and keep this thread up and it should be PINNED for long enough time to generate interest.

Someone posted here the extensive study of Paul the Beattle. I suggest that some here have the ability to study the cranium of Obama from pics on the net when he was younger, and before his selection as our next president in 2004 or earlier. It was announced he would be our next president during the DNC in 2004. Sure they didn't SAY that, but it was most certainly "implied" and so it is, the manipulation of voters set in place back then.

So check his pics from that time forward and see if the eye sockets and cranium and jaw are identical or not. And compare the two current versions also. I will NOT do this by myself, even if I had the software, it should be a joint project by others.

SO SOME OF YOU THAT DO HAVE SOFTWARE TO COMARE THE VOICE, BODY FEATURES (I am very sure there are 2 widths of shoulders), against each other, both profile and head on shots, please stand up and post here your intent. If we are to fix anything in this world, it must be done by us, and it takes cooperation and getting out the results.

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