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Message Subject The Two Obama's. at least
Poster Handle Typical White Person
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I have noticed this as well, and heard other people mention similar things. Obama does at times look different. Skin color, lip color, hair, little things. As a whole he looks pretty much the same, but there are some subtle differences that you notice.

I would not be surprised at all if Presidents have doubles, in fact, it may even be documented. Does anyone know? However, I think that if doubles exist they sinply find people who look basically similar to the president, and then perform plastic surgery to make the resemblance even closer.

If these were actual clones, then they would have had to be cloned from birth! You cannot create a clone and then "grow it" to be a 47 year old man in the space of a couple years. If that were possible, then science is light years ahead than what we are led to believe.

Anyone see the movie "Vantage Point"? In it, the president has a double who is giving a speech and is then assasinated. The assasins actually know that it is a double and they kidnap the real president at the same time.
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