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Message Subject South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford missing since Thursday!
Poster Handle AGENT ORANGE
Post Content
The man told people he needed time alone, and that was on Thursday?


So he flies in Thursday, gets a hotel and crashes. Does two days of writing while drinking Starbucks in his hotel room, jerking off to a porno maybe.

And now it's MONDAY, basically the 'third' day on his I need time alone trip. Third day... come on. The cat needs time alone, leave him alone.


The other argument, he was killed for resisting the stimuli package, and general resistance to a federal takeover of the state.

And he was killed, while his security wasn't present, and is officially in a ditch somewhere. Or worse, taken underground, cloned and put back in office as a sleeper. -_-


At this point in time, I am siding with the first of the two most probable possibilities. In three days, I'll go with number two.
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