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Message Subject South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford missing since Thursday!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Please! Anyone saying this is about stimulus refusal is a bit wacky. Put down the kool aid.

Why don't we wait for confirmation of his whereabouts and an official press release? It could be anything. My guess is a mental break with reality. Men do that at his age when they realize that they don't want the wife/kids/etc. that they signed on for.


well, that's just it. There is no official message. The Lt. Governor said they have been in contact yet the Governor's spokesman refused to confirm this. Conflicting stories.

I don't think he took off to go have a 'man-weekend'.
And in this day and age, the one Governor who kicked up a fuss...missing? Just ask the Inspector General who was illegally fired for getting too close to what Obama was doing about abuse of power.
 Quoting: Dread Pirate Roberts

Yep, probably hunkering down, but for what? I wasn't necessarily implying a "man weekend" as much as a total disengagement from where he has found himself. Could be family, could be politics, could be other. Wife seems to be covering for him, not sure what that is worth.

Curious what you mean regarding "abuse of power" - it seems rampant these days - and there is very little that anyone can do about it. I have my own engagement with the IG on an appointee here...waiting for them to finish their report.
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