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Message Subject South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford missing since Thursday!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Doom Canceled.

Leave him alone.
 Quoting: Segali

No. We have a right to know what is going on with "leaders" elected by the voters.

Curious what you mean regarding "abuse of power" - it seems rampant these days - and there is very little that anyone can do about it. I have my own engagement with the IG on an appointee here...waiting for them to finish their report.

Inspector General fired illegally by most ethical White House ever

Inspector General for Americorp Gerald Walpin was fired by the White House with only an hour notice to resign or be fired and a White House Lawyer called it an act of political courage. Walpin not being a cowed would not resign. According to a bill that Senator Obama co sponsored, 30 days notice and a reason for the firing must be given to congress. The most ethical White House in history didnít even notify congress until after the fact and gave no cause until Democrat senator Claire McCaskill raised the issue that the proper procedure was not followed.

The inspector General last year led an inspection into a big Obama supporter, Kevin Johnson, a former NBA star who is now mayor of Sacramento and who has started a foundation to help kids called the St Hope Academy. Johnson had apparently stolen federal funds that Americorp had given his organization. In a settlement St Hope has agreed to repay half of the money.


A law was passed recently and IG's are not allowed to be fired unless for cause.

very good short video interview of the fired AG here. ABUSE OF POWER. An obvious and overt one.

I put nothing past the Obama Administration, they are liars, cheats, crooks, nad just plain evil. SC Gov is missing? Prolly he went to a cabin retreat to write something, as his wife said. Secession papers, resignation, treatise on states rights, whatever. Likely nothing untoward has happened, but again, I put nothing past Obama. Did you see that photo of him on Drudge today? His scowl? And that was just because the press wasn't marshmallow enough. What do you think he would do to someone who uncovers crime?
 Quoting: Dread Pirate Roberts

Thank you very much for enlightening me with this video. Abuse of power is rampant, or maybe the light is just shining on it more so than ever.
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