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Message Subject South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford missing since Thursday!
Poster Handle Dread Pirate Roberts
Post Content
UPDATE #6: Sanford hiking, not missing

Appalachian trail and taking some time away from the office this week to recharge after the stimulus battle and the last legislative session. Joel Sawyer also says that before leaving last week, Sanford let staff know his whereabouts and that heíd be difficult to reach. Should any emergencies arise between the times in which he checks in, our staff would obviously be in contact with other state officials as the situation warrants before making any decisions.

Sanfordís wife, Jenny, told the Associated Press her husband has been gone for several days and she doesnít know where he was, but he was not concerned. She also told the Associated Press that Sanford did not contact her or their children on Fatherís Day.
[link to www.counton2.com]

LOL, uh-oh. any wife who takes the time to say, to a reporter, "that Sanford did not contact her or their children on Fatherís Day" is PISSED!
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