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Message Subject South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford missing since Thursday!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
[link to www.trails.com]

Appalachian trail doesn't hit Georgia.

What you mean is that the trail doesn't go through SC. It starts in Georgia. No matter in South Carolina we have hiking trails that connect to the Appalachian Trail.

But no matter, the Appalachian Trail thing is a joke, just like he's gone hunting is a joke.

The governor is out taking care of business and Jenny, his wife is "clued in" almost for certain.

Sanford refusing to take the Fed stimulus money was a big deal and not much publicity about it on a national level. tptb got a Supreme Court ruling saying it "had" to take it.

Could be, just maybe, he's unfindable until all the little local districts, and the state legislators salivating over the stimulus "free" money have to sign off on their budgets, and the stimulus isn't there, because he hasn't been in his office to accept the check.

Prolly, no one else has the right to endorse the check to the state's account.

Now THAT'S an interesting (and plausible?) theory.

And if it's true, the guy's a freaking HERO!

He already did a wonderul, courageous thing by refusing the money, refusing to sign in on it after ordered by the courts....?

Dang! We NEED leaders like that!

Stay tuned ......
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