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Message Subject South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford missing since Thursday!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Remember just a few years ago, the Texas Democratic legislators went over the state line into Oklahoma and checked into a motel. This was so the "other side" could not get a quorum to call for a vote they needed on an issue. The legislators in OK were threatened with arrest, but no Texas authority had the right to go to Oklahoma and arrest them and force them back to Texas.

There was a brief mention in a recent news article that the governor had been "avoiding" SLED agents. Also, the state legislators had said they were going to force Sanford to take the stimulus money.

Noone has said anything about an arrest warrant against Sanford for refusing the fed money, so maybe SLED agents just wanted to ask a few questions. It was reported that getting into a SLED SUV was the last time Sanford was seen, but he is assigned a security detail.

New budget year for the state starts July 1st.

All this became news just this afternoon and not yet do we have media comments from some of our law breaker legislators. It's going to be funny to hear what they have to say about the disappearing governor. He might have the stimulus check in his pocket so they can't find it.

The governor is out taking care of business and Jenny, his wife is "clued in" almost for certain.

Sanford refusing to take the Fed stimulus money was a big deal and not much publicity about it on a national level. tptb got a Supreme Court ruling saying it "had" to take it.

Could be, just maybe, he's unfindable until all the little local districts, and the state legislators salivating over the stimulus "free" money have to sign off on their budgets, and the stimulus isn't there, because he hasn't been in his office to accept the check.

Prolly, no one else has the right to endorse the check to the state's account.

Now THAT'S an interesting (and plausible?) theory.

And if it's true, the guy's a freaking HERO!

He already did a wonderul, courageous thing by refusing the money, refusing to sign in on it after ordered by the courts....?

Dang! We NEED leaders like that!

Stay tuned ......

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