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Message Subject South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford missing since Thursday!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Bits and pieces:

Former Chief Robert Stewart, Director of SLED (state law enforcement) was retired (replaced) during Sanford's term. Before that, the state could rarely get proper investigation of ol' boyz white-collar crimes for prosecution.

Lindsey Graham is gonna be in the mix, like a snake hiding behind a rock. He is a low-level, low-life nobody who some believe came to political power by acquiring the now deceased Strom Thurman's list of chit against elected politicians. The story goes that whatever someone had done to misbehave, at some point in their life, if they were ever to get elected they had to be on ol' Strom's list for blackmailing purposes when dues were called in.

Srom Thurman was 100 years old when he died, and he STILL was in the Senate and had been for all our lives, including some of us who are grandparents.

Sanford's confession, the way I heard it, was more about being 18 years old on the Appalachian Trail and traveling around the world than it was about some woman in Argentina. Argentina was probably picked for the confession because he traveled there is the last year or two with a state development group.

The theory that the state prosecutor and Sanford were working on a case soon to be disclosed is highly likely. No telling how many legislators' names would have been printed in the local papers with the revelation.
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