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Message Subject South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford missing since Thursday!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

I, for one, believe the OP saw exactly what she says she saw.

But it is getting frustrating to have so many posters coming on here and saying that that she did indeed see something special. None of them have told her exactly who the man is and what he is about!

Posters are pretending to be in the know but only offer further mystery. Just spit it out. Who is he? What is he about? Is he JC, antiChrist, witness, alien, hybrid or what??? Stop all the "oh, yes he's special and you will know someday" bullshit and say it how it is!

It's getting irritating and it's not even interesting anymore. The poor OP must be very frustrated by all the riddles and mystery crap.
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 505912

Ok. I understand your frustration.

I will say ALL I know but if you don't believe me, it is on you.
You all must understand that this mystery guy is connected to groups most of you deny exist. He IS living in South Carolina. He is there right now. 100% positive. When I say groups you deny exist, the first thing that popped into your head was illuminati or NWO type groups..right? Not so. When I say groups you deny I mean ones that are REALLY in control. Ones that aren't Earth bound. Keep your BS flags tucked. You want to know the truth about this thread, well I am telling it. If it doesn't fit into your easily explained away life then why are you even reading this thread with interest. Especially 22 pages later.

What the OP saw was not just some event. It was a major event. It was what some might call ordained. If I lose some of you now, well, leave. You asked, I am telling. If you ask my credentials on this matter I will tell you that I am in the know...somewhat. I have been in the shadow groups for a long time and have been hearing rumors about this guy even before this all happened. See, there is this thing called prophecy. They have know this guy was coming before he came. You know the crazy kind of law that the illuminati sort of adheres to that states "they must tell you about it first before they do it to you then it's ok"? Well, that is how these prophesies work that TPTB have found all over the world in carvings, paintings, scripts, books, etc. etc. I was told by someone very high up in the dark circles that this guy would arrive and there is nothing they can do about it. He said they were fighting the "HAND OF GOD".

What you all fail to understand is that there are quite a few members and former members of these dark circles that know about this thread and really just want the hell out. They are afraid. They denied there was actually someone or thing out there more powerful than them and whom they follow until they found this guy they cannot kill. Now they cannot even come near him. He is protected not by armed men standing by the window. He is protected by beings far above what most even believe in. He has 24 hour covering 7 days a week all year round. There is more UFO activity over wherever he is at any given time than almost anywhere else in the world. This would require you to believe in the fact that we have crafts within our atmosphere that are not from here. Guess what? We do. Have forever. They watch. They protect. They watch and protect him.

This guy has had contact with these watchers for years. He is completely aware of his protection. It is massive. What happened in Dallas was everything OP says and more. The ones coming on here making statements to that affect, including me, are speaking the truth. They know it is coming out anyway and some have told me they want to try and do something good to somehow rectify all the bad they have been involved in. I know this all sounds crazy but doesn't lights shooting into a pool, with hoards of birds, and a crazed guy throwing furniture across lobbies? It is not normal because it is out of the norm. This guy is out of the norm. He is in his early 40's. He is tall and dark haired and good looking. He has been watched by all sides since birth. He is American. He has bloodline that is BOTH sides. His bloodline mixture is very unique. He actually comes (partly) from one of the 13 illuminati families that you can google. The other part, well, that is another matter. I have actually heard that his mother was put to sleep and then artificially inseminated. I know.. crazy. I cannot verify this, just a rumor that will not go away amongst the circles.

Speaking of which, they are very afraid of this guy. I mean very. This guy has been talking about enlightenment and ascension for years and a lot of people he knows personally think that he is somewhat crazy. They are also very aware of his brilliance. I have heard rumors that his I.Q. is off the charts. I saw where another, that I suspect is in the know, say this exact thing earlier. I have heard this for years. The reason TPTB fear him so is that anything or anyone that at any time can have more actual power than them, can expose them and cast them out of the palace. The ones within the circles that had been systematically controlled to believe in nothing but their own power have had to come to a rude awakening. This event in Dallas was the death knell for their denial in a higher power. All the things the OP saw were real. The black SUV's were NWO agents and operatives who had come to town just to see all this. They were warned that he was in Dallas and some were actually trying to kill him. They actually threw him out of a speeding van on a major interstate near the airport. They were going to try and take him somewhere and kill him. All of the guys in the van were Iranian. That is what I was told.

The guy at the airport that was Asian was Chinese. There was a planned false flag at DFW that this mystery guy stopped. He knew about it. He was led there. He had the shit beat out of him and escaped. When he got to the airport he confronted lots of people and didn't really care who saw him. Obviously. They didn't arrest him because at that time he was what some in the circles call 'ON'. They say that when someone that is prophesied about comes into his calling that he has moments when he is actually activated. Yes enlightened. Many men throughout scriptures could do miraculous things but then seemed to go back to normal. It is something to that effect from what I have been told. Well, this Chinese man was no ordinary Joe. He was at the pinnacle of the circles within China. They are now VERY aware of the existence of mister mystery. They know his name. They know where he is. They know where he lives. They know what he eats. They know there isn't a damn thing they can do about it but wait. TPTB are completely and totally perplexed over what to do. For reason they do not know, everything they keep attempting to do to bring about world martial law, or at least in the US, has been thwarted. So much so that those within are now saying it is not going to happen. They are saying that this guy is going to ascend. They are saying that infighting over causing diversion (i.e.- pandemics, weather wars, even WW3) has escalated to the highest degree. Mass panic is taking place behind the scenes.

If he ascends, and proves humans are a LOT more than we have been conditioned to believe, the game is over. He will be invincible. Literally. Sounds crazy, I know. But you asked for the truth. The truth is weird. The reason the craziness is escalating within South Carolina is because this guy is there. It is his home. It was where he was born. The governor there may not know to the full extent about this guy. I was told he does then I was told he does not. He is, however, aware he is there. They have blackmailed Sanford. They have killed the attorney to make a point. The ones coming on here that are being matter of fact but vague are doing so because they are scared. I am somewhat protected and actually being allowed to say all this. I also saw where another said the same. I believe them. Lots of people within the circles want out and figure if many make a break at the same time they can't stop everyone. Even if dirty laundry gets aired, there will be so much that theirs won't be the only hanging in the breeze. Trust me though, this laundry is not only dirty...it is coated with blood.
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