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Message Subject South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford missing since Thursday!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Let's get down to the action part. We all know things are really screwed in South Carolina and an all across the country. The question is: "What can we do about it?"

We can, and do, hope for divine interference, and perhaps the mystery dude seen in the Dallas area is a part of that.

But here now, at home, what can we do about criminal politicians we cannot get out of office, their theft of public assets, murder and all sorts of criminal activity?

I'm in South Carolina and an active advocate for decent public policy. Few people understand the depth of the problems we have and most people rely on mainstream media for accurate and complete news reports. That's a mistake.

As an individual, with some potential for gathering consensus in a group, what exactly can I do to assist public officials to act in our behalf; to protect us from our own government criminal element; to protect our public assets and to ensure a quality of life?

..... The reason the craziness is escalating within South Carolina is because this guy is there. It is his home. It was where he was born. The governor there may not know to the full extent about this guy. I was told he does then I was told he does not. He is, however, aware he is there. They have blackmailed Sanford. They have killed the attorney to make a point. The ones coming on here that are being matter of fact but vague are doing so because they are scared. I am somewhat protected and actually being allowed to say all this. I also saw where another said the same. I believe them. Lots of people within the circles want out and figure if many make a break at the same time they can't stop everyone. Even if dirty laundry gets aired, there will be so much that theirs won't be the only hanging in the breeze. Trust me though, this laundry is not only dirty...it is coated with blood.
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