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Message Subject South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford missing since Thursday!
Poster Handle Dread Pirate Roberts
Post Content
Ones who are quick to ridicule Mark Sanford for being human and making a mistake will soon discover that they have thrown dirt on a man trying to save their own lives.......

We need help in SC to get attention to real issues. This place has gone crazy and some of the "insider" politicians (who thought they were insiders) don't know what's happenin'.

what are your real issues, AC?

Just for starters (not all inclusive) we have three elected public officials who have stated that they were seriously considering a run for the governor's office next year. Sanford is in his final term.

Gresham Barrett, US House of Rep.

Andre Bauer, Lt. Governor

Henry McMaster, Attorney General

The Lt Governor's office is being investigated by the Attorney General's office and the US Congressman steps into the melee and says the Governor ought to resign.

In the middle of it all, the chief prosecuting attorney out of the AG's office, who is personally investigating the Lt. Gov's office is suddenly dead near the Appalachian Trail without sufficient explanation. Meanwhile, the Governor decides to leave the country (no proof of that) and claim to see a mistress from Argentina instead of taking his planned hike on the Trail.

The main political paper for the state in Columbia, The State prints a bunch of so-called lover e-mails, which don't make sense. We know this governor. He's been all over the state and in our face for 8 years. "We'uns" just can't tie the e-mails to the governor.

This is intermission while all of us do the Fourth of July. It'll crank back up next week.

The paper needs to explain printing e-mail it had not verified.

The AG needs to explain lying about the circumstances of the death of his chief prosecutor.

The Lt. Governor needs to explain why the AG is investigating his office.

The Governor should stop explaining his mystery mistress.

The people of South Carolina are being ridden roughshod over the upcoming election for the change in the Governor's seat. We know that who gets a head start it not required to put up as much money to get the seat.

To the public, who is aware of the death of the well-liked prosecutor, it looks like her death has resulted from the fight over the governor's seat. Sanford is a lame duck and is ducking (pun) and covering as best he can.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 495698

Interesting. That's a lot going on. Plus the serial killer and the economic downturn.

I'm interested in the AG investigating the Lt. Gov. Wonder hat is going on there. I understand that Bauer has no love lost for Sanford? And that he was the one to pursue where Sanford was in the early moment. Deflectoin perhaps?
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