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Message Subject South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford missing since Thursday!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
That thread's not legit for attention because victim in not a "new" or additional victim, but someone who has died since being shot earlier. That OP poster is handling us or fishing.

Not handling or fishing. Trying to add some pieces of the puzzle that may/may not be pertinent--you decide, and it seems you have. But, why did you decide as you did? that puzzles me. Could it be that YOU are "handling"?? "Don't look at the possibility that the serial killing is somehow connected with the ongoing political debacle in SC"--that's what you're "handling" looks like, to me, AC.

Didn't know the victim had been shot earlier. Not a professional reporter, sorry.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 703110


Recently, under the "new" glp (since ownership change in late '04) some OPs seem to contest each other for pins and hits on threads. For instance, there have been posted disputes about who gets credit for a thread. Maybe glp owner is paying per hit, I do not know. But some OPs seem to go to other threads and link to their own thread, apparently for hits on the counter. My responding post was simply calling attention to the possibility that the link was a hit-gitter.

The OP on the linked thread did not make it clear that the death was from an earlier, reported shooting. It sounded like a new kill, in other words, another hit in the SC shootings, which would have been very important.

The most interesting result from that linked thread, and probably unintentional, is that checking for news stories about the 5th death, NONE of the news published at that time made it clear that this death was from an earlier shooting. In one report, in addition to the news report making it sound as if another shooting had occurred, the reader was led to believe that it took place in Columbia.

In other words, it would appear that someone is playing with the news releases. But, for those of us who are paying attention, those kind of shenanigans are old tricks.

All this is so close to home. My great personal concern is that people around Gaffney are being killed to establish that a "serial killer" is in the area. We are not given details of the shootings, except that there are "similarities that tie the shootings together."

Now, what if, we eventually are told that the prosecutor was killed by a gun shot and the "similarities tie the shooting" with those of the serial killer? If the prosecutor was murdered, then the serial-killer story sets up a cover story for the guilty faction.

On top of all this, is the death of the young girl eight years ago which was used to "sanction" Sanford. For all we know, she was murdered by the sanctioning faction and her death was not accidental. "The State" is alluding to that incident in the (fictitious) e-mails with mystery-mistress that the paper published.

People are being killed and the lying newspapers either mis-report the incidents, or fail to report. News publishers should be taken out of business for this.
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