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If he ascends, and proves humans are a LOT more than we have been conditioned to believe, the game is over. He will be invincible. Literally. Sounds crazy, I know. But you asked for the truth. The truth is weird. The reason the craziness is escalating within South Carolina is because this guy is there. It is his home. It was where he was born. The governor there may not know to the full extent about this guy. I was told he does then I was told he does not. He is, however, aware he is there. They have blackmailed Sanford. They have killed the attorney to make a point. The ones coming on here that are being matter of fact but vague are doing so because they are scared. I am somewhat protected and actually being allowed to say all this. I also saw where another said the same. I believe them. Lots of people within the circles want out and figure if many make a break at the same time they can't stop everyone. Even if dirty laundry gets aired, there will be so much that theirs won't be the only hanging in the breeze. Trust me though, this laundry is not only dirty...it is coated with blood.

Is Jesus your Lord and Savior?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 712281

Yes He is. Understand that I did not write was is above. I copied and pasted it. I am somewhat in the know within South Carolina politics and what I do know is that this is true. That is all I can say. You will see the bees fleeing the nest in mass within days!
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