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Message Subject QUESTION: Do you think Aliens can clone people or demons???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Aliens ARE demons!
Unidentified Flying Objects are actually Inter-dimensional Flying Objects. If one considers the proven Physics concept of other dimensions.. 10 I'm told... the Laws of Physics these things break are suddenly possible. The Apostle Paul talks about being carried up into the 7th heaven. We realize 4 dimensions, HxWxD and Time. Paul was taken up 3 dimensions above our reality apparently.

The demonic enities exist in one or more of the greater dimensions than we can appreciate. They have some sort of "Changeling" power apparently and are deceiving the folks. For centuries the lesser ones have done a lot of poltergeist tricks and appear as apparitions that wow the Catholics and other pagans. In truth, the ones that are pulling off the UFO deception are "Principalities and Powers", the demons are the punk ass lower echelons of the dark angels brood.

Some believe they can breed with us. In truth it is likely something other than natural "breeding". Some think the Nephulim were hybrids. That is the reason Joshua was told to kill every man woman and child. The gene pool was corrupted. So perhaps they CAN create a hybrid part us and part them.
(Is this the reason alien abductees remember messing with their sex stuff and some remember some harvesting of some sort?)

There is a great delusion coming upon the earth according to the Bible. Did you know that Born Again Christians do not often encounter Sasqwatch, or UFO's, or Orbs, or any other wierdness. The demonic enities do not like dealing with the Holy Spirit much. In the past they have favored certain geographical areas.. but now that there are so many pagan believers all over the earth they are gaining strength.

But the truth is, they lose. Satan IS the god of this world UNTIL Christ's return; and he knows that. He just wants to take as many to Hell as he can. Hell wasn't made for man but many will go there for THEIR choices.. not God's.
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