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Subject Post the most unexplained experience you ever had
Poster Handle Mysteries
Post Content
Mine would be many years ago . I was about 16 and it was a cold winter night . The sky was crystal clear and the full moon was very bright in the sky. I was out riding my 200 x three wheeler with a few friends of mine . I remember hearing a noise from above and looking up at the moon . Out of nowhere a large cross formed on the moon in a white light and it was larger then the moon .

kinda like this :


and in a few seconds it completely dissapeared.

I will never forget this and it wasnt something a dreamed up because one of my friends saw it that night and came back to where I had stopped my 3 wheeler for a break, and he said he seen it to and he expressed how it was a bit scary . I think he died several years later after being hit by a car.

This event was not the result of drugs or alcohol cause I never did any of those things in my life.

It was almost like someone set off some fireworks on the moon, in the shape of a cross, and the cross extended beyond the moons parameters for several seconds and then dissapeared and there was a odd noise that accompanied the event.

I will never forget that cold winter night.
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